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Latest Useful Freelancing Techniques in 2023

In 2017, I made $0 as a freelancer. In 2021, I made over $175,000.

Here are the resources that helped me transform my freelance career.


Product School – Product Manager Certification
Zendesk – Zendesk Support Administrator Expert (Free)
Bubble – No-code Bootcamp
LinkedIn OS – Justin Welsh
Content OS – Justin Welsh


$100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No – Alex Hormozi

SELL LIKE CRAZY: How to Get As Many Clients, Customers and Sales As You Can Possibly Handle – Sabri Suby

The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business, Revised: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want. – Elaine Pofeldt

The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd – Allan Dib

The Lean Product Playbook: How to Innovate with Minimum Viable Products and Rapid Customer Feedback – Dan Olsen

The Magic of Tiny Business: You Don’t Have to Go Big to Make a Great Living – Sharon Rowe

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future – Chris Guillebeau


Google Workspace – Email, Calendar, Drive
Fiverr Workspace – Invoicing, Project Management, Time Tracking
Upwork – Jobs
Shield – LinkedIn Analytics
Slack – Communities
Webflow – Website Hosting
Figma – Logo Design
LinkedIn – Networking

Slack Communities:

Support Driven
CX Connections
Customer Education Org

Most of these resources are cheap or free.

So, what’s holding you back from becoming a freelancer?


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