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Generate html reports on azure devOps

Generate HTML reports on azure DevOps step by step

  1. Create an Azure DevOps pipeline for your project.
  2. In the pipeline, add a task to generate the HTML report. This can be done using a task such as “Execute Windows batch command” and running the command to generate the report.
  3. After the HTML report is generated, add the “Publish Pipeline Artifact” task to publish the HTML files as an artifact.
  4. In the “Publish Pipeline Artifact” task, specify the path to the HTML files generated in step 2.
  5. In a subsequent job or stage, use the “Download Pipeline Artifact” task to download the HTML files to the target server.
  6. configure the task with the appropriate settings and options, such as the location to save the HTML files.
  7. Run the pipeline to generate and publish the HTML reports.

You can also use the azure pipeline task ‘Publish HTML’ for this purpose, please note that you need to install the plugin first.

Please note that the above are general steps and the exact steps may vary depending on the specific tools and technologies used in your pipeline.

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