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API Automation in Cypress

How to login programmatically with Cypress #cypress #testing #authentication  #javascript Learn how to make your automated tests faster by authenticating via API Automated graphical user interface tests must be independent of each other. In addition, such tests must rely as ...

Upload file in Cypress

How to upload a file in Cypress? #javascript#tutorial#testing#webdev In this tutorial, we will learn how to upload a file in Cypress using the cypress-file-upload NPM package. Cypress does not have a native support to do file uploads at the moment, however, this is ...

Append Value in Xpath

How to Append the Value in XPath It’s a common question that “How to add/append the value in XPath?“. Here is the right solution of it. For Example you have the Xpath = “//div/1234[td])[1]” Now , Scenario is that you ...

Npm failed with return code: 1

[Solved] ‘Npm failed with return code: 1’ in Azure DevOps Pipelines We had been getting an error Azure DevOps when trying to run our build pipelines. They were working previously without any issues. We tracked down the cause of the ...

Selenium UI Tests

How to Automate Selenium UI Tests A good GUI (graphical user interface) automated test simulates the actions of a manual tester. In such a test, the automated test interacts with the buttons, text fields, and other elements in the same ...

Waits in Selenium

5. Waits These days, most of the web apps are using AJAX techniques. When a page is loaded by the browser, the elements within that page may load at different time intervals. This makes locating elements difficult: if an element ...

Locating Elements

4. Locating Elements There are various strategies to locate elements in a page. You can use the most appropriate one for your case. Selenium provides the following method to locate elements in a page: find_element To find multiple elements (these ...


3. Navigating The first thing you’ll want to do with WebDriver is navigate to a link. The normal way to do this is by calling get method: driver.get(“”) WebDriver will wait until the page has fully loaded (that is, the onload event has fired) ...